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Muddy Waters Freethought Alliance has given the Mid-South community access to highly regarded thinkers and speakers from the scientific and freethought community. Some of our speakers and topics include:

  • Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist

  • Robert Webster of St. Jude, on the Bird Flu

  • Mark W. Muesse of Rhodes College, on Hinduism

  • Barbara Forrest, on the testimony at Dover Trial (Kitzmiller et al vs. Dover Area School District)

  • Victor Stenger, NYT Bestseller, on New Atheism

  • Professor Steven Mulroy, on separation of Church and State

  • Michael Collins, Rhodes College, on evolution

  • Robert Boston, American Humanist Association, on Church and State issues

Upcoming Webinars
Will be posted soon

Past Webinars

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