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About Muddy Waters Freethought Society

The Muddy Waters Freethought Soceity is composed of freethinkers and others who focus on what it means to be human. Founded over fifteen years ago, formerly known as the Memphis Freethought Alliance, this organization continues to be a beacon for those who wish to promote the advancement of education and science. It aims to do so by the following:

  • Seeking the betterment of society by way of science, logic, reasoning, and human experience.

  • Encourage open dialogue to foster a better and more unified society by presenting different points of view.

  • Encourage the understanding and use of logic, reasoning, and scientific research methods in determining beliefs.

  • Providing support, a safe space, and fellowship of freethinking individuals including atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, and others.

  • Defending the separation of Church and State as upheld by the Constitution

  • Defending the teaching of scientific theories over non-scientific theories in educational institutions

  • Eliminating prejudice and discrimination against humans and animals through the fostering of environmental and social justice. 

  • Opposing pseudoscience, myths, and misleading information in the media and beyond

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