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The Muddy Waters Freethought Society  (MWFS) is a group of freethinkers based in Memphis and the Mid-South. We work to establish beliefs using logic, reason, and experience without appealing to various dogmas, cultural practices, authorities, or the supernatural.  

Founded over 15 years ago, the Muddy Waters Freethought Society (formerly the Memphis Freethought Alliance), continues to be a beacon for those who wish to promote the advancement of education and science.  Read our statement of purpose here

We come together to discuss ideas (in our Freethought Book Club), view films, and hang out with other freethinkers. We also invite speakers, host webinars, collaborate with local and national social justice organizations, and hold educational events! ​

If you are interested in freethought, visit our Muddy Waters Freethought Society Facebook page or page to find out about current and future events. 

Join us in exploring our world and the universe through respectful conversations and fun activities!

About Freethought: About
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