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"Humanism in Star Trek"

Susan Sackett, former executive assistant to the late Gene Roddenberry (creator of the television phenomenon “Star Trek”) will be giving a Zoom presentation to the Muddy Waters Freethought Society on Saturday, October 15th at 6 pm CDT. Her talk will focus on “Humanism in Gene Roddenberry's ‘Star Trek’.”

The philosophy of Humanism attempts to bring about a progressive society where being good without appealing to superstition or the supernatural is an acceptable and respectable way to live an ethical and meaningful life. Humanists attempt to accomplish this through their defense of civil liberties and secular governance, by supporting the growing number of people without traditional religious faith, and through a continued refinement and advancement of the Humanist worldview.

Gene Roddenberry adhered to this viewpoint when he created “Star Trek.” The series attempted to show what a future for humans could be when they think beyond greed and aggression to cooperate with othe life forms while exploring the galaxy.

Susan Sackett began an association with Gene Roddenberry in August, 1974, serving as his personal executive assistant for over 17 years until his death in October, 1991. She co-wrote several episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” She also served as his production assistant on the first “Star Trek” film and worked closely with him on the next five “Star Trek” movies. She is the author of 12 books, including her most recent one, Inside Trek: My Secret Life with Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry. You can register for the event on at The QR code above will take you directly to the registration page. The talk is free to the public, although donations are welcome. Muddy Waters Freethought Society is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

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